Financing generally describes all necessary means in order to provide and reimburse funds, which serve for issue and use of goods and services, and includes both development and arrangement of commercial and private cash flows. One single financing project - e.g. a bank loan - is a series of payments, which begins with a cash inflow and continues with a series of payments.

The specialization of ZMBC is exactly that sort of development and arrangement of such commercial and private cash flows. The range of services includes solutions for loan and financing for commercial and private investments – in particular in the domain of commercial capital and circulating assets as well as commercial or private real estate.

Components of a loan and financing solution are to be separated in:

  • Preparation of a business and financing plan
  • Calculation of transactions, profitability and liquidity
  • Counseling concerning investment and working capital
  • Solutions for external and internal financing
  • Determination for appropriate funding solutions (Bank, Mezzanine-capital, etc.)
  • Development of business specific funding guidelines

The listed examples represent no limitation to our services. Feel free to address our Team concerning your project.



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